To program or not to program?

As a Web Journalist and a WJ Profe., this is actually one of the most common questions I’ve gotten over the years.

It’s actually a heated debate… but quite honestly, more than likely the answer is “no.”

In my professional opinion, it’s better to know how your role engages with an engineer/programmer rather than knowing a programming language other than HTML/CSS.

But, if you have doubts, good friend and multimedia guru Mark Luckie / @10000Words created this handy flowchart to help guide you through this question.

Read his post: Should journalists learn programming skills?: A Flowchart

Class is in session

Hola todos, allow me to (re)introduce myself… I’m Robert Hernandez, USC Web Journalism Professor. I’m also known as the @webjournalist in other circles. This site and account is mainly for my courses. I also plan to use this site and account for the exploration of teaching Web Journalism.

Like my classes, this should not be a lecture (aka one-way conversation), this should be a discussion… one where we can agree/disagree, but always trying to advance journalism.